"Not Amused" live from Barking Legs Theater Chattanooga, Tennessee

"Dirty Minded Boys" live from Barking Legs Theater Chattanooga, Tennessee

Porch swing acoustic…

Just some photos…

Hello From Tiffany Taylor

Hi there Chattanoogan’s,
I am finally getting over the shock of receiving this Makework Grant and slowly returning back to reality. Reality being I have to get to work on this dream of mine, must clean up all the songs I have written over the last few years, call all my musician friends I hope to be apart of this album, and keep up with a BLOG! I have never been much of a blogger, so bare with me. After our first “Makework” meeting a few weeks ago, I learned of the other grantees and their passions and work, and it was such an inspiring day for me. So my responsibilities for the grant consist of many things such as, documenting the recording and production process of recording an album, documenting the process as I am recording and working through the ups and downs of this process, and documenting the struggles of writing music and songs I am proud of. Since receiving the grant, I am frequently asked, “ Hey Tiff, when’s your record coming out?” or “How’s the recording going?” …. Don’t get me wrong, I am flattered by the interest and excitement from friends, family and acquaintances, but I would be lying if I didn’t say my stomach drops a smidge each time I hear the questions for the simple fact the pressure has definitely ensued in my life for now. I look forward to writing you all again soon with updates of this process, until then, much love from me to you.

Tiffany Taylor